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EV+ Alternative Investment

I Like My Odds Advisors provides alternative investmement management services and solutions dedicated to the alternative asset class of sports probability markets and event trading.

Unique Investment Strategy / Proven Expertise

Promises of unique investment strategies are abound, at I Like My Odds we can say that since 2015 we have been building and implementing our very own investment strategy and philosophy, continuously tuning and improving. A combination of processes, methodologies and expertise from a network of diverse human capital that allows the Company to build an extremely diversified portfolio of investment selections in sports probability markets containing edges deriving expected positive value.

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Managed Investment Account

The Company offers a unique and pioneering service to clients in eligible jurisdicitons - a Managed Investment Account Service exclusively for Sports Probability Markets and event trading. Learn how this service can help you diversify your investment portfolio by creating exposure to an uncorrelated alternative asset class and hiring the services of the foremost experts and pioneers in this new asset class.

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In-House Investment Fund

The Company also implements its trademark investment strategy through an In-House Sports Betting Investment Fund that is capitalized by the shareholders and managing partners. Fund is also open to external investors who qualify. Conditions are to be worked out on an individual basis.

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Asset Management Tailored for an Alternative Asset Class

I Like My Odds Advisors Ltd

The value proposition of I Like My Odds is built around the hypothesis that sports probability markets are yet to reach full efficiency and as such pre-game prices are not perfect and that value can be found through exhaustive study and examination of sports events and its markets.

In searching for investments with positive expected value, I Like My Odds employs protocols and processes that are very rigorous and that have already proved successful. Our team which combines different areas of expertise and knowledge, is able to find investment opportunities on a daily basis with positive expected value, coupled with the high capital turnover that is achievable in these markets, the possible returns are of an attractive magnitude.

Returns achieved in sports probability markets are completely uncorrelated from financial markets and economic data meaning that our Fund Managers have much more control over all the relevant variables unlike your typical participant in the financial markets which is always exposed to the known risks but worse than that, the unknown risks. The human capital structure of I Like My Odds assures we have an edge and that we have the ability to continuously work, expand and update that edge in order to keep generating returns in the sports probability markets for our shareholders and clients. This is very important considering that these are extremely competitive markets where continuous improvement is necessary in order to stay ahead of the pack.

It is our goal and mission to generate superior, consistent, and uncorrelated returns for our shareholders by participating in the sport probability markets. We aim to standout not only in the performance achieved but also in setting a high standard in the quality with which we serve our shareholders.
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Audited, Credible, Transparent

I Like My Odds is established in Malta, an European Union jurisdiction. All of its trading activity takes place with licensed entities under reputable jurisdictions only. The Company is audited and so are all of its results and investment activity. Clients and investors have complete access to all investment activity and trades done on their accounts/fund, through various forms of reporting. Detailed and curated tables and visuals of investment activity will be presented daily/weekly and a dashboard will be available to clients and shareholders containing timely updated data.


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Reach out to us with any questions or to request information about our products and services. We have a very flexible and available schedule to setup meetings with prospective investors and clients.


Ewropa Business Centre, Level 3-Suite 701, Dun Karm Street, Birkirkara, BKR9034, MALTA

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